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Police Unity Tour Message
March 31 2020

March 30, 2020

Dear Brothers and Sisters:

We want to again convey our disappointment at the cancellation of this year’s Police Unity Tour ride due to the COVID–19 pandemic. We also understand that the cancellation of this ride creates a burden on your schedules and has also raised concerns regarding the dispersing of funds already contributed. We are writing this letter to ease your concerns.

First, as to your schedules and future rides, please be aware that we are meeting weekly with our National Board. Our chapter presidents will continue to filter down the information as the coronavirus situation unfolds.

Second, notwithstanding the cancellation of this year’s physical ride, our mission and our commitment to support The National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial (the “Memorial”) continues. The ride is one component of our larger purpose and mission, which is the remembrance of our fallen. This year still counts, because the names of 307 fallen officers still need to be engraved on the Memorial wall. These names cannot be pushed to next year. Only your continued support, despite the ride cancellation, can make this a reality.

Third, due to the cancellation of this year’s ride, a few members have questioned the use of the funds raised to date.

What is happening to the funds that will normally be utilized for ride expenses?

By way of background, no portion of individual donations is earmarked to particular expenses of the ride. Our participants commit to solicit donations to fulfill our organization’s commitment to the Memorial. These donations are reported to our donors, as well as our participants, as fully deductible charitable contributions without reduction for expenses incurred by our organization to support the ride. Thus, as we do every year, the funds raised will be used to fulfill our commitment to the Memorial. Any reimbursement for prepaid expenses will likewise be applied to fulfill our commitment.

Why can’t we roll over funds or part of funds for next year?

In short, we will need all of the funds to fulfill our commitment to the Memorial. It is imperative available funds raised thus far be applied to the Memorial. It would be disheartening if the Memorial lacked the resources to add the name of each of the 307 fallen officers to the Memorial wall this year. Moreover, please note that Police Unity Tour funds being raised are currently the primary source of funding for the operation and maintenance of the Memorial. Without such funding, it is possible the Memorial will fail.

Thank you for your support and fundraising efforts thus far. Even though we are not able to ride into the Memorial this year, we will not allow anything to defeat our efforts to honor the memory of our fallen. The Police Unity Tour will be making our annual donation to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial as we have honorably done since our charter. We thank you for your commitment and continued support. Please inform your donors the funds raised will be donated to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial. God bless you all, thank you for your service and sacrifice. Stay safe and healthy.

Respectfully yours,

Patrick P. Montuore

Patrick Montuore, CEO and Founder of the Police Unity Tour

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